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Since 1992, I have been involved with providing my clients with excellent service. They have come to me with projects such as creating a 40' backdrop for a broadway show, re-create buildings, design new products, fly-thru the solar system, show how DNA replicates, TV commercials, short films and a host of other challenges. Whatever cannot be shot with live action, is brought to life by my team.

Over these years, I have built a network of producers, directors, designers, animators and composers that work closely together to create products of exceptional quality. The samples on this site represent a few examples of this collaboration, commitment to excellence and teamwork.

Graphics and animation can tell a story that cannot be done with live action, especially in scientific and product visualizations. The wide variety of tools and applications we use, are combined to make it happen and get the best result possible.

The bottom line is that your project is completed on time and within budget so there are no surprises and most of all, I pride myself on exceeding the client's expectation.

I have played a role in all of these samples on this site. These roles have included director, production manager, lead animator and/or executive producer. I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from some of the most talented, creative leaders in this industry. In my career path, I have learned one thing and that is there are always several different ways to execute a project, but it is only through teamwork, collaboration and sharing of ideas that makes your project a success and one with which we are all proud to be associated.

Career Hi-lights

1992 - Founding partner of Delta Imaging in New York.

1994 - Director of Graphics Studio at Manhattan Center Studios.

1997 - Head of Animation Production Doros Motion Studios.

2001 - Joined Empowered Media as Chief Animator.

2003 - Chief Operating Officer of Empowered Medical. NYC.

2008 - Moved to Brisbane - for most recent projects in Australia, please click here to go to my home page







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